DrawPad 0.8

Add draw capabilities to your Google Desktop sidebar
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DrawPad is a small gadget to use from within Google Desktop. It offers you a small blank area at the top of your Google Desktop Gadget sidebar, where you can draw small pictures using a variable-size brush (you can choose from 8 different sizes), and save it later into the most popular image formats: bitmap, jpg, gif or png. Moreover, you can choose the brush color from a standard color picker, and change from smooth to normal pen.
After a few seconds of drawing, you will notice that the draw area is indeed too small to draw something. I never used Google Desktop, but after looking around a little, I realized that you can use the "Toggle Expanded View" gadget option, just place the cursor over the gadget and you will see some extra buttons. Select the '<<' button, and the draw area will become bigger. And more, you can resize that window to get the size you want.
If you are a regular user of Google Desktop, maybe you will find this gadget useful. If not, don't bother, because you need to install Google Desktop in order to get it to work.

Review summary


  • Like any gadget, it's small, simple and clear


  • The program needs Google Desktop installed in order to install this application. This is not clearly stated in the install program
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